Bengts Åkeri reduced fuel consumption by 6%

When Bengts Åkeri in Örebro Sweden mounted Ecosense Trailer Assist on the roof air deflector on one of their semi trucks, fuel consumption decreased by as long as 6 percent. In addition to lower fuel cost, it also means lower carbon dioxide emissions. Doubled the savings automatically without the involvement of the driver.

Ecosense Trailer Assist is an upgrade package to existing roof air deflectors on trucks. It automatically sets the angle of the roof air deflector to an aerodynamically optimum position, without the operator having to do anything. This reduces air resistance, which lowers fuel consumption and emissions.

“I was first a bit skeptical about the installation on this particular truck. Partly because it is a truck with a small roof air deflector, partly because we did not think that the truck changed the trailer height especially often. But a decrease of just over six percent speaks its own language. Spontaneously, I think we have more trucks in operation that can save even more fuel, says Håkan Johansson at Bengts Åkeri in Örebro AB.

As one of the test companies with a field-tested system, Bengts Åkeri has mounted Ecosense Trailer Assist on a Volvo FH Globetrotter XL tractor truck. It changes daily between a 4.0 meter trailer and a 4.2 meter.

Ecosense Trailer Assist has a huge potential to help the haulage companies to reduce their fuel costs and emissions. Ecosense Trailer Assist is not only limited to tractor vehicles. Swap body and load-shifting trucks that shift flatbeds and containers can also reduce fuel consumption with properly adjusted roof air deflector.

– Through our partnership with KG Knutsson, Ecosense Trailer Assist is now available in the entire Swedish market. And in the near future we are aiming for Europe at large, says Stefan Strömstedt, Sales Manager at Rumblestrip AB, who developed Ecosense Trailer Assist.

“When Rumblestrip suggested that we test Ecosense Trailer Assist on this truck, I was, as I said, skeptical. At the same time, I know from experience how important the air resistance is for fuel consumption. That it performed this good shows that it works. The next step will be to check how many more of our trucks can save fuel with Ecosense Trailer Assist, says Håkan Johansson.

For more information:

Milad Pouyanmehr, CEO Rumblestrip AB, 076-760 74 03,

Håkan Johansson, Bengts Åkeri i Örebro AB, 0703-78 37 85,

More about Ecosense Trailer Assist at

Almi Invest invests in Rumblestrip

Almi Invest invests in Rumblestrip which reduces emissions from heavy trucks.

Almi Invest invests SEK 3 million in Rumblestrip, which develops products and services that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 8 % in heavy trucks. The newly emitted shares, worth a total of 5 million, are also invested in by the company’s founder Gustav Kristiansson and former NHL professional Johan Franzén.

Heavy trucks account for about 10 % of Europe’s total CO2 emissions. Linköping company Rumblestrip has recently launched a software and a completely new type of automatic system for existing roof deflectors that reduce fuel consumption.

-Rumblestrip has developed a smart technology to help the environment in a concrete way, while the transport industry can save big money, says Pär Carlshamre, Investment Manager at Almi Invest. The importance of reducing CO2 emissions is becoming more important for each day. The potential for the technology is great and the team strong, we look forward to being part of the company’s journey into the global market.

Rumblestrip’s system, Ecosense Trailer Assist, attaches to the roof deflector on the roof of the truck cab and reduces the air resistance. Rumblestrip’s software solution optimizes the setting automatically based on weather, wind and size of trailer. Given the reduced fuel consumption, an average rider will have a return of investiment of about 24 months for each truck and save about 5 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The investment will be used to expand the market presence in Europe. The company has a number of patents granted, both in Sweden and Europe, and a large number of applications are being processed, including the USA, China and Brazil. Heavy duty vehicles account for 75% of all transportation within the EU and is projected to increase by 4 % annually given increased urbanization, e-commerce and special transport. There are about 1.8 million tractors in the EU and about 230,000 new ones are sold every year. About 95 % of these have a permanently installed roof air deflector that today needs to be manually adjusted.

-This is just the first step in our entry into the market for fuel and vehicle optimization. We are now establishing strong ties with the major players in Europe and are planning to launch our product as an option for new truck purchases shortly, says Rumblestrip’s CEO Milad Pouyanmehr. Having both software and hardware on board the truck puts us in a very exciting position, where we see great opportunities for additional sales.

For further information contact
Milad Pouyanmehr, CEO of Rumblestrip, tel. 076-760 74 03, email

Pär Carlshamre, investment manager Almi Invest, tel. 070-479 00 88, email

Gustav Kristiansson, Chairman of the Board of Rumblestrip, tel. 070-876 67 68, email

Maria Kessling, Head of Communications Almi Invest, tel. 076 880 88 10, email

Stefan joins Rumblestrip as head of sales

Welcome Stefan Strömstedt! As head of sales Stefan will focus on the launch of Ecosense Trailer Assist for the aftermarket.

Stefan’s extensive background and connections from the trucking industry is a huge asset for us, says CEO Milad Pouyanmehr.

Contact Stefan using the contact form on the website if you are interested to know more how Rumblestrip Ecosense Trailer Assist can reduce your trucks fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Rumblestrip receives 5.6MSEK (€500K) in funding!

The Swedish Energy Agency today informed us that they have awarded us with 5.6MSEK in funding. The funds are to be used to finalize the commercialization of the Ecosense Trailer Assist which will be released on the market in Q3 2019.

We are thrilled over the agency’s trust in us and our ability to reduce heavy trucks need for energy by 3% when using Ecosense Trailer Assist. And we are extremely proud to have passed all interviews, gates and demanding due diligences performed.

Today is another good day!

Victor Carlsson joins Rumblestrip!

Welcome Victor Carlsson! Victor is joining our data collection and analysis team. With his previous experience as verification leader at Saab Aeronautics he will help our team to accelerate and continue our ongoing truck expedition.

NY office opened!

Today Rumblestrip inaugurated its office in the US. The office is part of the Cleantech hub located at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New York, at 900 3rd Avenue on Manhattan, close to Central Park. From here we will be carrying out our market analysis and execute our go-to-market tactics for the US. Are you interested in being our US representative? It just may be an open position for the right person 🙂

Andreas Häger joins Rumblestrip

Welcome Andreas Häger! Andreas will be in charge of our data collection needed to develop Ecosense Trailer Assist, this includes the upcoming truck expeditions in Sweden. His previous experience as flight test engineer for UMS Skeldar is a perfect match for our needs.

Anton Fahlgren joins Rumblestrip!

Welcome Anton Fahlgren! Anton has during the autumn contributed to algorithm development for Ecosense Trailer Assist. His master thesis at Rumblestrip which start after the new year will explore how neural networks can be used for applications running on resource constrained hardware.