Ecosense Trailer Assist is the self adjustable roof deflector for your truck. Whenever you change trailer it automatically adjusts itself to its optimal position where your fuel consumption is minimal. You can relax and rely on that Ecosense Trailer Assist is saving money and reducing CO2 emissions for you by reducing the trucks fuel consumption up to 8%*.



Ecosense Trailer Assist generates in average 3% fuel reduction which is about 2.000 liter less fuel per truck and year.



Ecosense Trailer Assist reduces CO2 emissions. 3% less fuel consumption is equal to 5 tonne/CO2 per truck and year. That is roughly what a passenger car emits per year.

3% in reduced fuel consumption is equal to more than 20 000 SEK in fuel cost savings and 5 tonne less CO2 emissions, equal to what a passenger car emits every year**. 

Ecosense Trailer Assist is designed for retrofit installation for existing trucks, available from our distribution partner KG Knutsson, to be delivered directly to your designated workshop. Soon, the Ecosense Trailer Assist will also be available as an option when buying your new truck


Understanding how air resistance impacts the truck’s fuel consumption during movement is the core of Ecosense Trailer Assist. Using advanced simulations and real data from many thousands of kilometers of driving Ecosense Trailer Assist ensures minimal fuel consumption.

Are you interested to understand  how Ecosense Trailer Assist can help you?

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Ecosense Trailer Assist is the first product in the Ecosense product family, tailored to reduce fuel consumption and enable a faster way to sustainable transport for the heavy truck industry.

* 8% fuel saving is the maximum saving for a haulers. The exact fuel savings is hauler specific and can vary depending on how good or bad your existing manual roof deflector is configured.

** The calculation assumes a long haul truck traveling 200 000 km per year with an average fuel consumption of 0.3 l/km.