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Next generation fuel reducing intelligent system

Rumblestrip innovations

Ecosense portfolio starts with
Ecosense Trailer Assist

Ecosense Trailer Assist is the first product released within the Ecosense product family. It is the first milestone in a series of many to come products with focus on economy and ecology.

Ecosense Trailer Assist for

Designed as a retrofit solution on existing trucks. The patent pending aftermarket solution can be used to upgrade your existing truck and for installation on new trucks. Smooth and easy installation since you will keep the original plastic roof deflector. 

Ecosense Trailer Assist for
truck manufacturer

Designed for truck manufacturers. The patented software solution uses existing sensors to detect optimal position for the roof deflector. This enables less hardware and smooth integration with the vehicle’s electrical system. 

our partners

strategic partners

Ecosense Trailer Assist is distributed through our partner KG Knutsson in the Nordic countries. 

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